Why I Studied Abroad in High School

AFS日本協会のおかげで、一年間日本の生活を経験できました。 One of my many beloved host families and I in Kyoto, 2013 "What decision in your life had the greatest impact on who you are today?" If you were posed this question, how would you respond? This question and all its varieties are commonplace in college applications, university study abroad applications, job interviews, and … Continue reading Why I Studied Abroad in High School

the beginning

photographer: Dowon Kim --> https://www.dowonkim.com/ let's take a trip This is the beginning of my journey written down for all to read. I'm going to embark on a trip towards fluency and I'd like to take you along, if you're down for the ride. I'll write about the world, my language studies, my dreams, society, … Continue reading the beginning