the beginning

photographer: Dowon Kim –>

let’s take a trip

This is the beginning of my journey written down for all to read. I’m going to embark on a trip towards fluency and I’d like to take you along, if you’re down for the ride. I’ll write about the world, my language studies, my dreams, society, culture, and a plethora of other subjects that I hope you’ll find thought-provoking.

However, there’s just one catch – hardly anything will be written in English. With the exception of this introductory entry, and the occasional English update, the rest of my entries I will write in either Japanese, Korean, French, or Indonesian. The language I know the least is Indonesian, so bear with me! If you notice a word or phrase that makes you scratch your brain in bewilderment, let me know. To be honest, I was probably just as lost as you were when writing it.

My goals for this blog are simple. First, I want to practice writing in the languages I’m learning. Keeping a blog will motivate me to write more while mitigating the pressure that comes with producing exquisite characters that could fool anyone into thinking a native had written it. To be honest, though, I’m not entirely bothered by it. There’s always room for improvement! Second, I want to share language with others. If you’re studying the same language(s), then hopefully what I write might be of use to you. Third, I want to inspire others to take the first steps in learning another language or studying abroad.

Language has permeated my life so much that language is the very cornerstone of my future career aspirations. My dream is to create a language school dedicated to exposing a more diverse population to less commonly taught Asian languages, such as Indonesian, Javanese, and Korean, to name a few, in addition to the more popular Asian languages – Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. As it stands, Asian languages are rarely taught in high schools, let alone universities. I’d like to see more people interested in pursuing a high level of proficiency in an Asian language.

Furthermore, my hope is that this language school could also offer English language courses for immigrants in need and refugees for little to no cost. There would be ample opportunity for interaction between the foreign language learners and the English language learners. The school would be a hub for cultural and linguistic exchange! That sounds lovely, don’t you think? It’s all still in my mind, but the first steps that I need to take to make this a reality begin with language and cultural exchange. This blog is a small, but vital part of that whole process, so let’s get started. 

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